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Ice-ray Recursive Grammar

I previously showed two examples on implementing recursion using iteration: Walking CATIA trees, and generating Fibonacci-number series. In this post, I’ll demonstrate generating geometric designs recursively using a combination of UDFs, Power Copies, and Knowledge Patterns. The strategy for implementing recursion through iteration is quite simple: operate on one set of elements; where every iterations […]

UDFs, PowerCopies, Knowledge Patterns and Eng. Templates

UDFs, PowerCopies, and Knowledge Patterns (KPT) are knowledge-ware features that can be created under Representation VPMs. Engineering Templates are also knowledge-ware features, but they are created under Product VPMs. The above features allow for building reusable geometric features and assemblies that can adapt and update based on the provided inputs. UDFs User Defined Features, UDFs, […]