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DELMIA, an overview

What is DELMIA? DELMIA is a Global Industrial Operations software that specialises in Digital Manufacturing and Manufacturing Simulation. DELMIA, an acronym for: DIGITAL ENTERPRISE LEAN MANUFACTURING INTERACTIVE APPLICATION enables manufacturers in virtually any industry to digitally define, plan, create, monitor, and control all production processes. With it comes an array of dedicated applications (listed below) […]

Automation APIs For CATIA

CATIA exposes some of its engine’s functionality to 3rd party developers via APIs– Application Programming Interfaces. It does that by providing what is known as: – Packages for EKL, KML, and CATRules. – DLLs (dynamically loaded libraries) for VBA, VSTA(C-Sharp), and CATScript. – Header files for C++, along with additionals DLLs. xGenerative Design xGenerative Design […]

On KAC with Rohan Keswani

I mentioned KAC in a previous blog post on building interactive computational workflows for design. Let’s dive in today with Dassault’s Knowledgeware Portfolio Technical Specialist, Rohan Keswani to understand how it intergates with CATIA. What do you do at Dassault? I have been working in the CATIA R&D Portfolio Management team as a Knowledgeware products […]

CATIA Through A Programmer Lens

CATIA users with programming knowledge will continue to see it through the programmer lens. Let’s look at this taxonomy: Programming Taxonomy Data Location Programming can be broken down to two categories in terms of data association and how it is structured. Object Oriented: when data is associated with objects. For example: the property Name of […]