Tag: Linear Algebra

Working With Vectors

Working with mathematical vectors in code is valuable. It requires only math calculation, and a code executing time is faster than a code dependent on a geometrical object attributes. Maher showed, in a previous post how to extract direction components from an AxisSystem matrix using EKL. In this post, I'll dig deeper into how Vectors […]

Reading An Axis System With EKL

This EKL code shows how to read data from an Axis System object to create corresponding Point object at the origin, as well as XY, YZ, and ZX planes matching those of the axis system. /* inputs: -axis: AxisSystem -geoset: OpenBodyFeature */ let originVector(Vector) let originXmag, originYmag, originZmag(Real) let axMatrix(Matrix) let xxMag, xyMag, xzMag (Real) […]