On KAC with Rohan Keswani

I mentioned KAC in a previous blog post on building interactive computational workflows for design. Let’s dive in today with Dassault’s Knowledgeware Portfolio Technical Specialist, Rohan Keswani to understand how it intergates with CATIA. What do you do at Dassault? I have been working in the CATIA R&D Portfolio Management team as a Knowledgeware products […]

Reading An Axis System With EKL

This EKL code shows how to read data from an Axis System object to create corresponding Point object at the origin, as well as XY, YZ, and ZX planes matching those of the axis system. /* inputs: -axis: AxisSystem -geoset: OpenBodyFeature */ let originVector(Vector) let originXmag, originYmag, originZmag(Real) let axMatrix(Matrix) let xxMag, xyMag, xzMag (Real) […]

On EKL With Thomas Videcoq

I had the oppourtinity to interview Thomas Videcoq, CATIA R&D Knowledge Director at Dassault Systemes. Let’s get to it: What do you do at DS? Can you give a brief history describing your journey? I am the R&D Knowledgeware Director. I’ve been working at Dassault Systemes since 1997 and I started in the Knowledgeware team […]

CATIA For V5 And Digital Project Users

This is a short post for Digital Project V5 users that are curious about how it compares to 3DX. Gehry Technologies, now Trimble Consulting, created Digital Project in the early 2000s as an AEC-specific version of Dassault’s CATIA V5. It had an A&S (Architecture and Structures) workbench that offered a number of AEC tools for […]

Interactive Computation

I was introduced to computational design at the S.M.Arch.S program in 2005. It was the time when Rhino’s grasshopper was “Explicit History”, and Robert Aish used to visit design schools to give Generative Components workshops. Having had the opportunity to learn from so many practitioners and researchers, mostly from AlFaris, Stiny, Eastman, Woodbury, some aspects […]

On 3DX and AEC with Jonathan Asher

In this post, Jonathan Asher asnwers a few questions about 3DX and Dassault’s take on addressing AEC needs. What do you do at Dassault? I am the CATIA AEC Portfolio Director at Dassault Systemes where I am responsible for the strategic direction, creation and evolution of new and existing CATIA applications, roles and industry processes […]

UDFs, PowerCopies, Knowledge Patterns and Eng. Templates

UDFs, PowerCopies, and Knowledge Patterns (KPT) are knowledge-ware features that can be created under Representation VPMs. Engineering Templates are also knowledge-ware features, but they are created under Product VPMs. The above features allow for building reusable geometric features and assemblies that can adapt and update based on the provided inputs. UDFs User Defined Features, UDFs, […]

What Differentiates EKL?

Having written thousands of lines of codes to automate CAD using RhinoScript (RVB), formZ Scripting Language (FSL), Maya Embedded Language (MEL), Dynamo’s Python and DesignScript, and finally ending with CATIA’s EKL; I’ll describe below what makes EKL stand out for me. Safe And Native Knowledge-ware objects, and the EKL code they contain, are native CATIA […]