CATIA’s Propagation Graph

CATIA is a parametric modeling system. As such, it permits building relationships between parameter values and properties stored in Representation VPMs. Updates propagate throughout the model following the notion of parent and children. This is different from the idea of "Owner". Consider the following graph In the above graph, a change in x, y, or […]

CATIA Assemblies

Since CATIA is rooted in manufacturing, it permits reusing VPMs (explains in this post) across assemblies to accomodate the universal need to create component-based products. Once multiple copies (clones) of a VPM exist in an assembly, three object types become important to understand: Reference, Instance, and Occurrence. Reference A Reference object stores the data without […]

CATIA Virtual Product Models

VPMs CATIA stores information in Virtual Product Models (VPMs). There are two VPM types: Physical Products and Representations. Both are backed up by Enovia's Product Life Cycle (PLM) engine. Physical Products define the composition of a design, while Representations hold the features describing that design. Enovia permits controlling the process and business logic of how […]