29 Jul, 2019

DELMIA, an overview

What is DELMIA?

DELMIA is a Global Industrial Operations software that specialises in Digital Manufacturing and Manufacturing Simulation.

DELMIA, an acronym for: DIGITAL ENTERPRISE LEAN MANUFACTURING INTERACTIVE APPLICATION enables manufacturers in virtually any industry to digitally define, plan, create, monitor, and control all production processes. With it comes an array of dedicated applications (listed below) for different industries. Combined with an environment for Process and Resource management along with the ability to capture and implement best practices for Manufacturing.

Simulation apps explore the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world. These solutions reduce physical prototyping, increase confidence in product performance, accelerate design decisions, and enhance knowledge of real-world behavior in a virtual environment.

The DELMIA apps offer a full spectrum of solutions that enable you to simulate your manufacturing processes. These apps span a scalable portfolio of solutions including:

  • 3DLean
  • Process Engineering
    • Assembly Definition
    • Assembly Evaluation
    • Assembly Experience
    • Assembly Path Optimisation
    • Equipment Allocation
    • Fastener Planning
    • Heavy Industry Fluidic Fabrication
    • Heavy Industry Fabrication
    • Heavy Industry Process Planning
    • Heavy Industry Structure Fabrication
    • Manufactured Item Definition
    • Manufactured Items Management
    • Planning Review
    • Planning Structure
    • Process Planning
    • Process Management
    • Simulation Experience
    • Time-Motion Study
    • Tool Analysis
    • Work Instructions
    • Work Plan Publication
  • Virtual Factory
    • Factory Flow Simulation
    • Process Flow Simulation
    • Plant Layout Design
    • Equipment Design
    • Equipment Simulation
  • Robotics
    • Robot Simulation
    • Robot Programming
    • Robot Spot Simulation
    • Robot Arc Simulation
    • Robot Virtual Comissioning
    • Robot Surface Simulation
  • Additive Manufacturing
    • Additive Part Preperation
    • Powder Bed Fabrication
    • Material Deposition Fabrication
  • Machining
    • Mill-Turn Machining
    • Prismatic and Turning Machining
    • Milling Machining
    • Multi-Axis Machining
    • Prismatic Machining
    • Wire EDM Machining
    • Drilling and Riveting
    • Machining Validation
    • Cutting Tools Builder
  • Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics Evaluation
    • Ergonomics Manikin Editor
    • Ergonomics at Work
  • Supply Chain Planning and Optimisation
  • Manufacturing Optimisation Management
    • 3D Workbook
    • 3DEXPERIENCE Apriso

DELMIA PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) technology facilitates a means for manufacturers to interact with their factories processes early on in the design stage and months before actual production commitment. Engineers, Management and Stakeholders can all have a 3D visualisation of the real world with the ability to evaluate “what-if scenarios”, make changes, optimise shop floor operations, and identify and eliminate costly errors and design mistakes.

Closing Remarks

DELMIA allows organizations to achieve higher quality and foster greater innovation with improved efficiency. It also extends its PLM technology to smaller businesses within the supply chain to allow smaller companies to better connect and collaborate with larger manufacturers.

Stay tuned to learn about DELMIA's Data Model!


About : Joseph Timoney

After finding a passion for CAD, automation, kinematics and simulation he pursued an MSc. in Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) at Cranfield University in the UK specializing in Landing Gear design. He went to work on-site at Airbus, Filton UK as a Landing Gear Integration Engineer simulating ground and flight loads encountered through the Nose and Main Landing Gear of various aircraft families. He then moved into Aerospace Manufacturing where he took a position with Precision CastParts Corporation as a Manufacturing Engineer before emigrating to Vancouver, Canada. It was here Joseph joined CadMakers where he helped lead Industry 4.0 projects for Tesla's General Assembly, BIW & Paint Shop Departments using DELMIA. His posts on the 3DXAutomation blog are to help increase awareness and knowledge of DELMIA on the 3DExperience platform.

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