Author: Guido Maciocci

Automating Generative Design for Fabrication

Arguably one of the most powerful Knowledgeware Objects in CATIA is the almighty Engineering Template – an object that allows you to capture entire product structures as a template with dynamic input parameters and attributes. In particular Engineering Templates allow us to capture and re-use manufacturing data relevant to a product including fabrication information, assembly […]

Managing Geometry in EKL

EKL rules can be used to manage geometric elements within UDFs, Powercopies, and Engineering Templates to provide a high level of automation of both internal parameters (such as nomenclature) as well geometric configuration. To understand this concept let’s first take a look at "geometric parameters" and how they can be used to create configurable models. […]

EKL Rules Explained

A fundamental component of workflow automation within CATIA is the use of EKL Rules. A rule is essentially an EKL script, a set of instructions, which generally consists of conditional statements that control the relationships between different parameters; "if Parameter A is greater than three millimetres, then make Parameter B equal to nine degrees". There is no limit on complexity that can be achieved within rules. As such, EKL Rules are a powerful tool to build complex relationships between parameters and object behaviours within your models.