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Circle Curve DivideCATIA, Code
Polygonise Curve: Geodesic Vs Euclidean, Single Value vs PatternsCATIA, Code
Automating Generative Design for FabricationCATIA, Code, Workflow
Building Trees With Custom Syntax Using EKLCATIA, Code, Workflow
Alternatives In Visual Programming–UpdatedOpinion, Workflow
Custom EKL LibrariesCATIA, Code, Workflow
Session 1 Notes (PowerCopies and UDFs)Basics, CATIA, Code, Knowledge-Sessions, Workflow
Designer Vs AutomationOpinion, Workflow
Google Sheets To CATIA Via EKLCATIA, Code, Workflow
Walking CATIA’s Trees With VBABasics, CATIA, Code
Automation APIs For CATIACATIA, Code
Walking CATIA’s Trees with C-SharpBasics, CATIA, Code
Ice-ray Recursive GrammarCATIA, Code, Workflow
CopyPaste With EKLCATIA, Code, Workflow
Writing JSON With EKLCATIA, Code
Where Does Visual Programming Fit?CATIA, Code, Opinion, Workflow
Weight Analysis in CATIABasics, CATIA, Code, Workflow
xGenerative Design (And A Fibonacci Series Example)Basics, CATIA, Code
Abbreviating Code With List MethodsCATIA, Code, Workflow
Managing Geometry in EKLBasics, CATIA, Code, Workflow
Interactive Computation, ExamplesCode, Opinion, Workflow
Visualizing AssembliesCATIA, Code
Interactive Computation, Further notes.Opinion, Workflow
EKL Rules ExplainedCATIA
Reading, Setting, and Adding Parameters with EKLCATIA, Code
Reading and Writing to Excel with EKLCATIA, Code
Points Along Curve By Max SpacingCATIA, Code, Workflow
On KAC with Rohan KeswaniCATIA, Interview, Workflow
Reading An Axis System With EKLCode
Leveraging CATIA’s Knowledgeware In Design WorkflowCATIA, Workflow
On EKL With Thomas VidecoqCATIA, Code, Interview
CATIA for Digital Project UsersBasics, CATIA
Interactive ComputationOpinion, Workflow
On 3DX and AEC with Jonathan AsherCATIA, Interview
Walking CATIA’s Tree With EKL: Recursion And IterationCATIA, Code
UDFs, PowerCopies, Knowledge Patterns and Eng. TemplatesCATIA, Code
What Differentiates EKL?CATIA, Code
CATIA for REVIT UsersBasics, CATIA
Making a Grid of Points in EKLBasics, CATIA, Code
Behaviours of Knowledge-ware ObjectsBasics, CATIA
Intro to CATIA Programming with EKLBasics, CATIA, Code
CATIA Through A Programmer LensCATIA, Code
Geometric Objects, Boundaries, and TopologyBasics, CATIA
CATIA’s Propagation GraphBasics, CATIA
CATIA AssembliesBasics, CATIA
CATIA Virtual Product ModelsBasics, CATIA

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