Curated Reading List

Below is a suggested list of posts to help new users get started with automating CATIA. It begins with basic concepts and an overview of CATIA's data model. It then moves to covering Knowledge-ware basics, which is usually the easiest entry point for automating CATIA. This is followed by an overview of CATIA's automation API's and a series of examples--mostly focused on EKL. Then, topics related to workflows are provided to give the reader an overview of how put to work what was discussed in previous posts. Finally, a few posts relating to computational design and visual programming are listed to help situate automation in the broader context of generative design.


1- Geometric Objects, Boundaries and Topology

2- CATIA Through A Programmer Lens

3- 3DX-CATIA For V5 And Digital Project Users

4- CATIA's Propagation Graph

CATIA's Data Model:

1- CATIA's Virtual Product Models, VPMs

2- CATIA's Assemblies

3- Drawing Representations

4- Shape Representations

Knowledge-ware Basics

1- Behaviors of Knowledge-ware Objects

2- UDFs, Powercopies, Knowledge-Patterns, and Engineering-Templates

3- Leveraging CATIA's Knowledge-ware

4- Powercopies and UDFs Session

5- Engineering Templates

6- Catalogs

7- Resource Tables

Automation API's

1- Automation APIs For CATIA

2- Intro To CATIA Programming With EKL

3- What Differentiates EKL

4- On KAC With Rohan Keswani

5- On EKL With Thomas Videqoc

Some EKL Examples

1- Working With Vectors

2- Reading An Axis-System With EKL

3- Visualizing Assemblies

4- EKL Rules Explained

5- Points Along Curve By Max Spacing

6- Circle Curve Divide

7- Abbreviating Code With List Methods

8- Weight Analysis In CATIA

9- Writing JSON With EKL

10- Walking CATIA's Trees With EKL

11- Ice Ray Recursive Grammar

12- Custom EKL Syntax To Build Trees

C-Sharp And VBA

1- Walking CATIA's Trees With C-sharp

2- Walking CATIA's Trees With VBA


1- Managing Geometry In EKL

2- Custom EKL Libraries

3- Deploying Automation

4- Automating Generative Design For Fabrication


1- Organizing Automation

Other Topics

Visual Programming

1- xGenerative-Design

2- Where Does Visual Programming Fit?

3- xGen Script Node Simplified Venation

Computational Design Arguments

1- Interactive Computation

2- Interactive Computation, Further Notes

3- Interactive Computation, Examples

4- Alternatives In Visual Programming

5- Designer Vs Automation