Pay It Forward

Many of us can afford spending time and money to read books, get a degree, learn how to cook, take painting classes, go horse-back riding, or even just sit down in a coffee-shop to think about abstract and crazy ideas. However, many others are only trying to survive; and they’re having to do it in the middle of war.

If you found this blog useful, please pay it forward if you can. Consider donating to a charity. I personally like the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). They are a NGO that provides medical aid and treatment to kids suffering from war in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and others. They operate from the occupied land of Palestine, my home. You can support them by donating directly on their website, or by making your next amazon order through their sponsored link. The PCRF was started in 1990 by Steve Sosebee, here is his story.

You can also just do a random act of kindness– buy someone you don’t know a cup of coffee in the morning! Or teach someone a skill that could help them do better at their job.

Pay it forward.
Founder @ 3DX Automation