Hi there,
Thanks for visiting the blog! As customary of many online platforms, I thought I'll dedicate a page to give some background.

As I was working with CATIA's automation APIs, I made short posts on LinkedIn to share what I learned and as a way me to recall them. Due to limitations in formatting and authoring content on the social-network, I started looking for alternatives; and finally made this blog.

I firmly believe in open-source and I hope to make a modest contribution to the movement. I'll borrow a comment that my wife recently made on knowledge-sharing. She said something along the lines of "knowledge stays as long as it is being shared". I couldn't have said it any better.

When you come to think of it, you'll find that much of what you know came from an open-source website, someone else's contribution online, or a book, among others.

Who hasn't benefited from Wikipedia, Stackoverflow or one of the many communities on Stackexchange, MIT's OpenCourseWare, Khan Academy, or any other online blog? Personally, I benefited immensely. So at the very least I feel I should share too.

Sharing, of course, does not mean sharing a patent or technology that is under NDA. It only means sharing the knowledge of how to use a tool, program in a language, utilize a concept, or implement an idea.

Content offered on the blog will remain free. I don't intend to charge a fee for accessing it. The goal here is to share knowledge, not make money.

This blog would not have been possible without the support of Jerry Jackson (of Dassault) for providing a non-commercial CATIA license. I am also grateful to the contributors who continue to add rich posts on the blog.

Lastly, I was born to two refugee Palestinian teachers, God bless their souls. At a very young age, they were separated from their families in Palestine by the terrorist, militarized, and (still on-going) illegal israeli occupation. My parents went through a lot to get me and my siblings where we are today. They spent their lives teaching mathematics and the Arabic language. Their careers were all about spreading knowledge. So this blog is wholeheartedly dedicated to them.

Pay it forward,
Founder @ 3DX Automation